Donation/Sponsorship Request Form

Dear Community Member,

NorthwestCell is devoted to the continuing effort to help enrich the lives of those in our local coverage area. We are proud to participate in local community events, school events, and non-profit opportunities. Because we receive many requests for sponsorships and donations across a wide variety of projects throughout our coverage area, we have created guidelines and a request form to help streamline the consideration process for sponsorship by NorthwestCell.

NorthwestCell supports events, sponsorships and donations in-kind for projects that:

  • Are located within our home coverage area and benefit the residents of the counties we serve
    (Atchison, Gentry, Holt, Nodaway, and Worth counties)
  • Are easily executed given the timetable provided
  • Our employees and staff can assist with or attend, if applicable
  • Are not politically affiliated with any party or promote a cause that may be deemed controversial
  • Are budget sound and well planned

Any organization requesting sponsorship must answer the following questions on the donation/sponsorship request form for consideration of sponsorship. Answering all questions does not guarantee acceptance of the request. Please include any additional information (event flyer, etc.) that would be beneficial in our decision. Additionally, we are always interested in sponsorships that utilize our company’s unique strengths rather than specified dollar donations.

Request forms must be received at least 30 days prior to the event. Exceptions may be made for benefit dinners, and other extremely time-sensitive events. Please prominently note any deadlines prior to 30 days when returning the request form. Review of all requests will take place 1-3 times per quarter to distribute available funds allotted for the specified time period.

Thank you for your interest in sponsorship from NorthwestCell.


Roger Bundridge
General Manager

Jackie Runde
Marketing & Public Relations


Sponsorship/Donation Request

Regarding the sponsorship/event/contribution/donation/benefit:

If there is no monetary cost, what is required for donating, sponsoring, or contributing? Would a NorthwestCell gift certificate or promotional item donation work well? If so please explain:

Please provide a full description of the donation/sponsorship opportunity, including any donation/sponsorship levels requested (if available).

What type of media, radio, web, or print exposure is expected for this event?

What sponsors are committed to the sponsorship to date? If not known, please submit the number of sponsors anticipated.

How many people do you expect to reach and influence with this event/fundraiser?

What are the benefits we should consider as a sponsor/contributor?

Please provide any history to demonstrate how effective your organization's past events have been.