What charges appear on my bill?

FAQ Section: 
What charges appear on my bill?

Your bill will contain charges for monthly service (depending on price plan selected), airtime charges (if airtime minutes are exceeded), any applicable roaming charges, any optional feature charges (such as Caller ID, Detailed Billing, etc.), any applicable long distance charges (if calls are placed to areas outside your calling plan, not applicable on national plans), directory assistance charges, Universal Service Fund fees (USF), State and Local taxes. Airtime usage charges may not appear until subsequent bills due to reporting between carriers, and as a result, your bill may be slightly higher or lower than expected.

In the first bill that a customer receives, you are billed for one full month in advance plus a prorated partial charge for the period starting the day the phone was activated to the end of the billing cycle. In addition, your first month's minutes are also prorated for actual usage, just like your bill. The billing cycle ends on the 15th of the month. Here's an example: if you activate service on May 1, your first bill will show pro-rated charges from May 1st – May15th then full month charges from May 16th – June 15th.

Any features added or removed will also appear prorated on the bill. Although there is no fee to upgrade or downgrade your plan, plan changes can impact your bill. If your plan is upgraded there will be a prorate charge, which is the difference between the former price plan and the current price plan. This could also appear as a credit if the price plan is downgraded.

You will also see any GB charges for any data features you have selected or monthly charges associated with any bundled feature packages you have chosen.