Dare To Compare

Local Coverage


Big enough to serve you, but small enough to know you.

It's a simple mission that drives us to be a different kind of mobile provider for residents of Northwest Missouri. The kind that treats every customer like an actual talking, texting human being. The kind that actually listens. The kind of mobile provider that brings your world closer while making your life easier. Because after all, isn't it about time someone brought the high-tech wireless world down to earth? At NorthwestCell, we like to think so.

Customer service that's actually about customers and service.

At NorthwestCell, our customers come first. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. When you have a question, we're here to answer it. And if you should ever encounter a problem, we're here to fix it fast. Because at NorthwestCell, we know that every phone call, text and voicemail matters—and we're committed to connecting your life. Headquartered in Maryville, with an additional 10 agent locations conveniently located throughout Northwest Missouri, you’re only minutes or a phone call away from a friendly, well-trained expert ready to listen and solve your problem.

The best network; including 4G LTE.

We provide wireless services that help people stay connected nationwide with friends and family, from right in their very own backyard. We deliver customers a roaming-free national 3G network and voice service. Additionally, we are currently building our 4G LTE network, and look to complete our expansion by July 2015. We also worked to secure a nationwide 4G LTE coverage partnership, which provides customers 4G LTE coverage throughout the nation.

All the latest phones, smart phones and devices. The best plans.

Whether you’re searching for the latest Android device with a speedy processor, 8MP camera and HD Video; or a sturdy, military-grade basic phone that can handle a rough day at the farm, NorthwestCell has just the phone for you. Plus friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives who will help pick which device is right for you. Additionally, our wireless plans were created with our customer’s actual needs in mind. From out Build, Bundle & Share Plans to our one of a kind N-B- Tween Youth plans for the kids, we offer solutions to fit your family’s needs, with a plan built just for you. We’re proud of our unique ability to provide specialized, individual service before, during and after the sale to every customer; it’s what sets us apart from other wireless carriers.