If you have a fraud concern regarding your mobile account, please contact us immediately to assist you. 

  1. Dial 611 on your mobile device, or 800-331-6341 to speak to a representative about your concerns.
  2. Visit any of our locations:
  3. Send us a message:



NorthwestCell will alert you by sending a text or e-mail to the Mobile Number of Record on the account when a SIM change is requested. 

SIM Change Fraud can occur when a scammer gathers your information through fraudulent means, collecting your data through phishing e-mails claiming to be your provider, through usernames and passwords they have stolen from malware on your computer, or purchasing through dark web applications as an example. 

The scammer then impersonates you as the customer tricking the provider into moving your number and SIM into another wireless device.  Then your number will no longer work on your device, and they may gain access to multi-factor authentication applications or other means of stealing your information.



NorthwestCell will require customers to request a Porting PIN to port their mobile number out to another provider, and that PIN will be required on the port request for customer validation.  We will also send a text or e-mail message to the Mobile Number of Record on the account with notification that a port out request was received. These changes will help to mitigate port out fraud.

Port Out Fraud can occur when scammers con a wireless provider into believing an account holder is requesting their number to be ported, which if successful allows your phone number to be controlled by the scammer. This allows the scammer to receive texts, calls, and they will try and access credentials for your private financial and media accounts. This can happen quickly, and you may not even know you have lost service on your device.


ACCOUNT LOCK FEATURE: For your protection, we are now offering a free feature that can be added to lock your account from any SIM Changes, Porting PIN requests, or Port Out Requests. The feature must be added or removed by the account holder. Authorized users are exempt from adding or removing the Account Lock feature.  

If NorthwestCell feels a customer’s account is compromised, we will place an Account Lock feature on your account until we can validate information and confirm the account is secure.


Don’t open or respond to any suspicious message or e-mail, even if it appears to be from someone you know.

Be particular in sharing your mobile number because some companies sell your information, or anytime you share information online, it may not be kept confidential.

Never download anything from an unknown source or application hub.

Never open a link in a text message unless you are sure it’s from a trusted source.

If you ever open a suspicious link or see suspicious activity with any account you have, be sure to change all your passwords to personal accounts and ask an experienced person for assistance.

If it’s too good to be true…it’s probably a scam!  Keep that in mind and protect yourself!