Plan Promo

Unlimited Plan Price Per Line Premium Data *Device Discount
Large $65 25GB $500

$75 50GB $500

$90 100GB $500
Includes: Unlimited Talk, Text & Data, Caller ID, Voicemail, and Call Waiting
Data speeds reduced after Premium Data usage per line for remainder of billing cycle
A change of plan may be required if there is excessive usage outside the NorthwestCell network
Autopay and EBill required for 4 lines or more
*Device Discount Terms & Conditions
Discount requires 24 month Finance Agreement and eligible rate plan, and is applied as a monthly credit on the billing statement for 24 months
Discount cannot exceed purchase price of device and may be reduced with down payment
Discount will be removed and cannot be reapplied if: an ineligible plan change is made, the Finance Agreement is paid before 24 months or the line is disconnected