Data First Line Additional Lines
2GB  $30 FREE $20
6GB  $50 FREE $20
12GB  $60 FREE $20
Includes: Unlimited Talk & Text, Caller ID, Voicemail, and Call Waiting
Additional Data Only Device: $10 per line
Data Overage Rate: $10/GB on 2GB & 6GB | $5/GB on 12GB
Data Boost available to avoid overage | Carryover Data included
Autopay and EBill required for 4 lines or more

Data Boost

Data Price
2GB $15
8GB $60
Carryover Data included

Special Features

Feature Price
Device Protection Varies
Call Forwarding $5.95
3-Way Calling $2.95
Device Protection: Deductible applies | See store for details
Call Forwarding: Airtime charges apply