Email-to-Text Messaging Notice 3/27/24

Effective 3/27/24, NorthwestCell is defaulting our E-mail-to-Text Messaging Service to OFF due to the high number of spam messages. NORMAL TEXT MESSAGING IS NOT AFFECTED.

What is E-mail-to-Text service?

Email-to-Text is the ability to send a text to any device via e-mail. This service is not intended for emergency or commercial purposes and was a legacy means of communicating for low consumer use only.

If I want E-mail-to-Text service enabled, how do I turn it on?

You can turn the service ON by texting START to 6246.

What if I enable the service, and then decide I want to disable it, due to spam, or unwanted messages? No problem.

You can turn the service OFF by texting STOP to 6246.

Will I miss important messaging since the service has been defaulted to OFF?

Almost all messages sent in this form are spam, but some businesses and organizations may still use it to send legitimate messages. This is a legacy system, so most have alternative options for reaching customers. Despite that, E-mail-to-Text is not intended for business messaging, and we encourage you to contact those businesses to see if you can receive messages differently. Or, you can turn the service back on by texting START to 6246.

I use TextCaster school alerts, will I still receive messages if the service is disabled? Yes, these messages are not delivered via E-mail to Text.

If I can’t remember whether the service is enabled or disabled, what do I do? Send the following message based upon how to you want to

  • Text keyword STOP TO 6246 to disable Email-to-Text messaging.
  • Text keyword START TO 6246 to enable Email-to-Text messaging.

I have a business and my e-mail-to-text messages are not going through. What should I do?

Email-to-text is not intended for business/non-consumer (also known as A2P) messages. It is a legacy platform that was built to support low-volume consumer traffic only. We recommend finding a messaging service business partner. There are several apps and short code providers that support messaging platforms.

If I have additional questions or concerns about E-mail-to-Text Messaging? Please call us at 800-331-6341 or 660-582-3334.